Drunken Boxing: Ultimate

Drunken Boxing: Ultimate

About the game Drunken Boxing: Ultimate

Step into the ring with a twist in Drunken Boxing: Ultimate. This isn't your typical boxing match, as the fighters are a little tipsy, adding a layer of hilarity and challenge to the game. This unique take on boxing is sure to entertain and engage any boxing enthusiast looking for a fresh perspective on the sport.

Before you begin, choose the number of players for your drunken boxing match. You can play alone or with a friend thanks to the game's one or two player modes. If you're playing solo, use the WASD keys to control your slightly inebriated boxer. W and S move you forward and backward, while A and D control your left and right punches. Your pugilist also has a special move that can be activated by pressing G, but make sure you're far enough away from your opponent to use it. If you're playing with a friend, they'll control your opponent with the arrow keys and L for their special attack.

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What are the advantages of the game - Drunken Boxing: Ultimate

Playing Drunken Boxing: Ultimate is not only about having fun, it also tests your coordination and timing skills. The unique challenge of controlling a drunken boxer adds a layer of difficulty that keeps the game interesting. Whether you're playing alone or with a friend, Drunken Boxing: Ultimate offers a unique and entertaining experience that stands out from other boxing games. Plus, the game's simple controls make it easy for anyone to pick up and play, making it a great choice for casual gamers and boxing enthusiasts alike.