The bmw games category contains games dedicated to one of the most famous car brands - the BMW AG brand.

Who are bmw?

Bavarian Motor Plants - this is how the abbreviation BMW stands. But the whole world knows this German car manufacturer by three letters. The company is not only a manufacturer of cars: bmw also produces bicycles, motorcycles and engines.

If you are interested in information about this car manufacturer, then remember the name of the current chairman of the company: Oliver Zipse. And if you are a fan of this car brand, then you will be interested to know the name of the chief designer of bmw cars: Josef Kaban.

The motto of the company proclaims a pleasure to drive, and the manufacturers themselves claim that the bmw car is the ideal vehicle for driving.

The history of the bmw brand

The company began its existence in 1916, and its founder was Karl Friedrich Rapp. Initially, the company registered itself as a manufacturer of aircraft engines. Everyone knows the emblem of the bmw company: an airplane propeller on a blue background symbolizing the sky.

BMW sidecar motorcycles in 1954 became winners in special races, and after this victory no one could take away the title from BMW for twenty years. In 1995, the BMW car became a real movie star, because in the James Bond film, it was bmw that became the Bond car. The company's headquarters building is located in Munich, Germany.

What bmw games do we have?

Since the category bmw games contains games about cars, almost all of them belong to the genre of car racing. BMW cars themselves regularly take part in car races. These are Formula 1 races, DTM, WTCC and many others.

For the first time, private cars of the BMW brand took part in the Formula 1 Grand Prix in 1952, but the first experience was unsuccessful. Later, when the pilot died during the next race attempt on a bmw car, the rest of the pilots refused to participate in the races. Since then, the company has made a number of conclusions, worked hard to create the ideal car for racing, and modern racing is difficult to imagine without the participation of cars of this brand.

You can take part in bmw games racing by driving one of the coolest racing cars of our time. Be careful on the track, because in bmw games the game world is thought out to the smallest detail, and the games themselves have very realistic graphics.

These games are easy to operate, but each player should go through a tutorial before fully participating in the game.

Please note that each game involves several levels of difficulty, and the track will become more difficult with each new level. But the player who increases his level will also receive new advantages, opportunities and accumulate points, which can later be used to upgrade the car or customize it.

If you love speed and good cars, then bmw games is what you need.