There are few people in the world who would not know what puzzle games are. This entertainment is familiar to everyone since childhood, because different types of puzzle games have existed since ancient times.

History of puzzle games

First puzzle games were a mosaic. A man collected some image from colorful pebbles, pondering this task for long hours. The higher the quality of the mosaic became, the more often people used mosaic paintings to decorate their homes. In the same way, now people create huge beautiful pictures from puzzles and put them in frames.

Since the earliest times, for humans, the first puzzle games were not only decoration or entertainment. Puzzle games were used to train the brain. In old films and books, you can often see travelers or spies compose large maps or secret messages from pieces and scraps. These were also puzzle games.

During its existence, puzzle games managed to acquire many legends and records. One of these records was set in Russia during the celebration of the year of Germany. Then from the puzzles the picture “Self-portrait in a fur coat” (Dürer) was composed. People in several cities in Russia made up this puzzle. It consisted of elements, each of which weighed almost a kilogram. There were more than a thousand such puzzle pieces.

Puzzle games is an exciting adventure

Some people think that puzzle games are boring. But those who love and know how to play puzzle games know how excitingly and excitingly they can spend time at such games.

The essence of the game is to assemble a single whole from many parts. It can be fragments of a picture, cubes, balls or any other disparate elements. A person needs to think carefully to get the picture right.

But puzzle games also have varieties that differ from each other in the size of the overall picture, the number of elements and the degree of difficulty. If the puzzle game has a simple difficulty level, then the game is intended for the smallest players. Puzzle games for adults can have five hundred elements, and it will take a long time to assemble such a picture.

Online puzzle games

Tricky games, attention and logical thinking occupy the largest niche in the online video game industry. People love to think, but they love to raise the bar all the time and set new, elusive goals.

Online puzzle games are interesting in that you can choose not only the level of difficulty of the game, but also a picture that depicts the plot that you like. Often these are photographs of celebrities, fragments from your favorite films and cartoons, or images of stunning landscapes. Having completed the puzzle games task, you can also print the resulting image to your memory.

What is the advantage of online video puzzle games? Like all high-quality board games, puzzles in boxes are very expensive. But online puzzle games are free, and you can change the game as soon as you finish the previous one without spending a penny.