Batman Jigsaw Puzzle

Batman Jigsaw Puzzle

About game «Batman Jigsaw Puzzle»

Online game Batman Jigsaw Puzzle is a collection of puzzles in which children are invited to collect pictures dedicated to the superhero comics. There are 12 puzzles in the game's collection. They depict Batman during various heroes and adventures. The hero tirelessly fights evil to keep the inhabitants of Gotham safe. All this led to the fact that he made a lot of enemies. When Batman was on his next mission, the villains broke into his house and ruined the photos. The superhero hopes that the children will be able to recover them from the fragments. To make it interesting for boys of different ages to play the game, there are three difficulty modes for folding puzzles: 25,49,100 fragments. This game will help you to develop a lot of valuable skills, such as logical thinking and attentiveness to details. Have much fun!

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