Batman Ninja Game Adventure - Gotham Knights

Batman Ninja Game Adventure - Gotham Knights

About game «Batman Ninja Game Adventure - Gotham Knights»

In this game we have prepared for you another fascinating story about Batman. We recommend to play in Batman Ninja Game Adventure - Gotham Knights not only to his fans, but also to all other fans of online games, because this game combines different genres, and thus gathered a very large fan base around the world. The essence of the game is very simple, and we are sure that you are well acquainted with the mechanics of this game. The game consists of many levels. The level begins with what you see on the screen in front of you Batman running forward without stopping. You need to take this fact into account from the first second of the game, because there will be a lot of different obstacles in Batman's way. To jump over them, just use the mouse button. The essence of each round is to collect all the coins that you see on the screen. Once you collect them, the transition to the next level will open.

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