Sonic Runners Adventure

Sonic Runners Adventure

About game «Sonic Runners Adventure»

Many years have passed since the world first learned about a character like Sonic. At first, Sonic games could only be played on consoles, but over time, technology has evolved and opportunities have grown. So, today you choose how it is more convenient for you to play games with Sonic. Sonic Runners Adventure is an online browser game that has the advantage of being fast to download and easy to play. At the same time, it has good graphics, which always pleases the player's eye. The essence of the game is very simple. The game is divided into several levels. In each of them, Sonic must run through the room, on the floor of which are various obstacles that can harm our hero. For example, immediately in the first round there will be spikes on the floor, and you will need to show your quick reaction to jump over this danger in time. Good luck!

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