About game «Skydome»

We welcome you to the kingdom of the blue sky! This online game is a very exciting and memorable puzzle game with a variety of game modes. Have you played through a huge number of these games and want something new? Launch the Skydome game and check what you are capable of. Demonstrate your level against other players, as well as on hundreds of other levels with unusual settings, cool effects and unexpected events. Play for free and without registration! We wish you a good time with our online game! In skydom management, everything is pretty simple. If you play from a computer, then a mouse will help you in the passage, if from a phone or tablet, then with the help of swipes. The main goal of the game is that you need to complete various tasks. At each level, you will have a limited number of moves. They decrease after each move. Try to collect 3 or more items to take them out of the game at the end.

Watch how to play: