This category contains games in which you have to cover distances by car, moving along a special road - along the highway. An expressway is an infrastructure element with special traffic rules.

What is a highway?

If you think that the highway is an ordinary highway, then you are wrong. This is the name given to special roads. Getting on the highway, you find yourself in a special world in which only speed and strict adherence to the rules are important.

This is the name of the road, which is designed so that cars move along it at the maximum permissible speed. In order for cars to travel long distances on such highways with minimal stops and delays, the highway is designed so that it does not intersect with other highways or railways. There are no pedestrian crossings and no cycle paths through the highway. Only a gray tape of asphalt. On the highway, all the conditions have been created so that your car can pick up the maximum permissible speed and move towards the goal.

Who loves highway games?

These highway games will really appeal to those who like to drive cars at high speed. In urban roads, this cannot be done, since there are speed limits. Also, the car is forced to constantly stop in front of traffic lights and pedestrian crossings.

These games will surely appeal to those who love racing. Because the highway was created so that cars can compete with each other.

If you don't drive in real life yet, then you should try to do it in highway games. You will gain the necessary driving skills, which will then come in handy when learning to drive.

What highway games do we have?

All highway games are high speed highway simulators. You choose the vehicle on which you would like to drive along such a highway, and hit the road.

Until quite recently, not a single such road existed in the world. The first highway was built in 1924 between Varese and Milan in Italy. And only much later such highways began to be built all over the world.

In many highway games you will see steep and high quality tracks, along which you will have the opportunity to drive your car.

But do not forget to adhere to the rules so as not to create an emergency and not get hurt in a traffic accident. Typically, a highway is fenced to prevent wildlife or accidental pedestrians from entering the road. There may be a patch of wildlife behind such a fence, so cars in an accident can break through the fence and end up in the water - in a lake or river.

Before you start playing highway games, you should go through driving training, because training driving is prohibited on the highway, as well as stopping and reversing. You should also carefully read the rules for driving on the highway and strictly adhere to them, so as not to create problems for yourself and other motorists.