Sometimes there is such a desire to play “life”, because you want to see how your life would change if you did something different at some point in time. Probably, for this, they came up with simulation games.

The first simulation games

So they call a special genre of online video games, which are built on the principle of imitating some circumstances or actions. Why were the first simulators created? Mostly for educational purposes. The first simulators were designed so that a person had the opportunity to practice the game before doing similar in real life.

The very first simulators were a car control simulator, aircraft control simulator, space ship simulator, weightlessness simulator, military operations simulator. Such programs were used exclusively for the preparation of a specialist and his training. These types of the very first simulations still hold their level of popularity.

History of simulation games

As the society allowed such simulators into its ordinary life, it became clear that a good entertainment could come out of this. Then the developers analyzed existing simulators, made a number of improvements, fixed bugs and released the first game simulators. It was again those same car simulations and aviation simulations.

Modern simulators have a wide range of coverage, their subjects are diverse. Modern simulators have such excellent graphics that they look very realistic.

By their specialization, simulation games are divided into specific ones, such as a car simulator. You can find such a helicopter simulator, train simulator, loader simulator and others.

Another type of simulator is wide-themed. In such simulators, an imitation is not of action, but of activity. In such simulators, it is possible to perform tasks related to the profession, a certain activity. These are construction simulators, hospital simulators and the like.

Types of simulation games

There are many very interesting types of simulators. Among them, biosimulants are especially noteworthy. In such games, the player has the opportunity to control the development of a living organism, to observe this. The railway simulator provides an opportunity not only to try yourself in the management of the train, but also in the management of the railway.

There is a separate kind of simulators called god simulators: in such games the player performs all the functions of a god.

Especially popular genre for men and boys is a football manager simulator. Probably, in this role all the fans dreamed to try themselves at least once in their life.

There are also interesting categories of simulators: military simulators, economic simulators, hunting simulators and many others. The legendary life simulator can be called the SimCity game, with which the development of such a direction of simulators began. But the game that appeared after it, The Sims, was already called a god simulator. It’s difficult to come up with a more legendary simulator than this game. It retains its popularity until now, the fourth generation of this game has already been released, and fans are looking forward to the fifth version with great impatience.