Moto Pizza

Moto Pizza

About the game Moto Pizza

Immerse yourself in the exciting world of Moto Pizza, a free online browser-based game. In this addictive game, you become part of a new pizza restaurant that has recently opened in town. Your role is to assist the new courier in fulfilling orders and delivering pizzas to customers at their locations. This is the courier's first day on the job and he needs to prove his worth as he is still on probation. You start the bike and hit the road, using the map to find the shortest route to the customer. The goal is to deliver the pizza quickly before it cools down, otherwise the customer may refuse it, resulting in losses for your business.

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  • Food Truck Chef: Similar to Moto Pizza, this game involves cooking and delivering food to customers. However, instead of a motorcycle, you drive a food truck.

  • Pizza Delivery Boy: In this game, you also deliver pizzas to customers, but you have to navigate through a busy city, avoiding obstacles along the way.

  • Motorcycle Pizza Delivery: This game is almost identical to Moto Pizza, with the main difference being the variety of motorcycles you can choose from.

What are the advantages of playing Moto Pizza

Playing Moto Pizza has many advantages. Not only does it provide entertainment, but it also helps improve your problem solving skills as you find the shortest route to the customer. It improves your multitasking skills as you juggle between cooking pizzas and delivering them. Moto Pizza also stimulates your strategic thinking as you strive to avoid losses by making sure the pizza stays hot upon delivery. Finally, it's a fun way to learn about the pizza delivery business. So why wait? Start playing Moto Pizza today!