About game «Autosimulator»

Autosimulator is a fun racing game. Just start your leisurely journey through the cities of America. Press the gas pedal with the mouse to start the journey. Don't go through the red light, the police will get you. If you know which city you are passing through, write in the comments. You have the opportunity to demonstrate your driving skills in this 3D racing game. See if you can get around all the traffic cones or get away from a small army of police cars. You can even play the role of a cop and chase bad guys in Pursuit Mode. Just do not forget to alter for yourself or buy new cars in between dashing arrivals around the city. There are three modes available in this game: tests, missions and free ride. In the first one, you find yourself on a huge polygon with many unusual structures, from trampolines to giant dominoes. In mission mode, you need to earn coins to buy new cars.

Watch how to play: