Impossible Car Parking

Impossible Car Parking

About game «Impossible Car Parking»

Once one of the experienced drivers decided to turn to his instructor, who once taught him to drive a car with a request to teach him the intricacies of parking a car in difficult conditions, meaning a large number of obstacles and a narrow parking space. The instructor gladly agreed to help, having noticed that Impossible Car Parking is a difficult business, but necessary in the conditions of the modern world, where there are more and more streets on the streets every day. Perhaps you will try to go through the lessons with the main character, when else will such a case fall out? All the lessons were divided into several parts, there were about 25 of them, by the way, there are much fewer cars, but this is not the main thing, because having learned how to drive one car while parking, you will understand the essence, and this is the most important thing.

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