Fighter Aircraft Simulator

Fighter Aircraft Simulator

About game «Fighter Aircraft Simulator»

In order to fly in the real world, you must complete an aviation course, which consists of long hours of study, including training in theoretical flight knowledge. In the game Fighter Aircraft Simulator you will be in the role of a pilot of a real plane and you do not need any courses or training. Get into the cockpit, start the engines and forward towards the wind. You are at one of the old airfields, where there are only one takeoff and one landing strip. The airfield is located in a mountainous area, so it will not be easy to fly. Climb higher, explore the spaces between the rocks and try to fly over them. You can adjust the power of the engine and even shut it off during flight. To make a successful landing, you need to slow down, level the plane and smoothly enter the runway. Play and become the king of heaven! Perform various flips and turns, fly around the hills and find a very well hidden cache. Good luck!

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