Fish Eat Fish

Fish Eat Fish

About game «Fish Eat Fish»

Do you wonder how fish live at the bottom of the ocean? They swim for fun, play and amuse themselves. Or they are in a constant struggle for survival - they hunt and hide from large predators. All sorts of options are possible, but the second prevails in the modern gaming world. Moreover, the plot "fish eats fish" occupies the highest levels of ratings and is one of the favorite among many players. The essence of the game is extremely simple. The gamer chooses a fish fry and sets a goal - to bring the oceanic creature to a significant and frightening size. And what needs to be done for this? Healthy food! And the game begins where the fish eats the fish and grows. It hides from huge fish and looks for smaller ones. After all, you can only eat someone who is smaller than you in size. Otherwise, they will eat you.

Watch how to play: