Sonic Hero

Sonic Hero

About game «Sonic Hero»

Sonic is a famous anime character who has won the hearts of fans around the world. He has become so popular that he is one of the most popular game development characters. If you flipped through the category of Sonic Games on our site, you probably noticed that there are games about Sonic in completely different genres. And this game, like all the others, is absolutely unique and unlike anything else. More precisely, the concept is similar, and you have definitely met it. The fact is that in front of you on the screen will be many platforms, and Sonic needs to jump from one to one. Before he does, you will need to determine the force with which to make the jump. If Sonic makes a strong or not strong enough jump, he will fall into the abyss and the game will have to start from the beginning. Over time, you will get a hand and the strength will be easier to determine. However, the game will be more difficult. Good luck!

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