Pop It Master

Pop It Master

About game «Pop It Master»

The whole world is already buzzing about Pop It, Simple Dimple and Squish. But many, especially the older generation, do not understand what it is, much less know the difference between these three concepts. In this game you will be dealing with Pop It. The essence of the game is very easy, and it is quite similar to the real interaction with pop it. You will see pop-its of various shapes, and you will need to click on all its circles. When they are all lowered, you move on to the next round and a new pop-it of a more interesting form appears in front of you. In general, pop-it was invented to relieve stress. So if you are tired at school, or had a hard day at home, we suggest you take a break and relax. This a brand-new form of entertainment, so we suggest you keeping up with trends and playing with pop-it right now!

Watch how to play: