Frozen - Olaf's Freeze Fall

Frozen - Olaf's Freeze Fall

About game «Frozen - Olaf's Freeze Fall»

Frozen - Olaf's Freeze Fall is a great game that you can play today. Olaf is a snowman made by two princesses - Anna and Elsa as a child. Every year, when winter came to their country, they ran outside and played with the snow. Throwing snowballs, making big balls of snow. Once they rolled three balls of different sizes and folded them - this is how our snowman turned out, and he was named Olaf. It was very interesting, instead of hands the girls put wooden sticks for the snowman, instead of a nose - a huge carrot, and of course they made buttons from stones. In this game you will help our Olaf to search for all his limbs. So you will need to climb and jump on the snowy steps, on which the head, nose, buttons and hands of Olaf the snowman will lie. Sven will be standing on the steps - a deer, when you jump on his antlers, you can accelerate and fly higher for your search for Olaf.

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