City Helicopter Simulator Game

City Helicopter Simulator Game

About game «City Helicopter Simulator Game»

Recently, various city services have been using special models of helicopters for their work. Today in City Helicopter Simulator Game you will have to fly one of them. A helipad will appear on the screen in front of you on which you will stand your aircraft. Starting the engine, you will lift the car into the sky. An arrow will appear in front of you, which will point you in which direction you will have to fly. By dexterous maneuvering in a helicopter, you will have to fly around the city buildings and arrive at the final point of your journey. In this game you will get an incredible opportunity to learn how to ride a plane. Maybe you will realize that this is the profession of your dream and in the future you will apply skills that you gain in this game in real life. We promise that this will be a cool experience!

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