Everyone who loves mahjong games will tell you that these are not just games - this is a special world in which a person and his mind find harmony with each other. It is not for nothing that mahjong games came to us from the East, bringing to our lives oriental wisdom and power.

The benefits of mahjong games

Mahjong games is a puzzle, a challenge game. Starting a game, a person challenges himself, and this is the first step to self-development.
In the process of solving the problem posed by the game, we develop such important and necessary skills as the ability to concentrate on the problem, rationality and logical thinking, attentiveness and a sense of the right priority. But the main thing that games teach is to be patient and not give up on difficulties.

A person who plays mahjong will need the ability to think logically, build causal relationships, and calculate his own move a few steps forward. Mahjong games well develops spatial thinking, so this game is very fond of artists and architects.

Mahjong game as if specially invented in order to give a person the opportunity to relax correctly, with benefit, put on the shelves of thoughts in his head and restore order in consciousness.

History mahjong games

No one knows for sure where this mysterious game came from. It is only known that the first mention of it dates back to the XII-XIII centuries. Throughout its existence, the mahjong game has changed a huge number of times, but one thing has remained unchanged: the ancient Chinese philosophy that underlies this game.

It is believed that this game came to us from China. The main thing that this game teaches to those who play it is that chaos must be analyzed carefully, consistently, carefully analyzing which of its components are superfluous and on which everything rests. This game is incredibly popular in Asia, and the whole world is happy to play the mahjong game.

At the dawn of its appearance, the mahjong game was a game for four players who together sorted a pool of knuckles, and each tried to get ahead of the opponent in solving the problem. But in the last century a new unexpected modification of this game appeared: mahjong solitaire appeared, which can also be found under the name “Chinese puzzle”. After that, mahjong games began to play alone in front of a computer monitor.

Mahjong Solitaire

There are many types of mahjong games in the form of solitaire, although the most famous are Connect and Shanghai Mahjong. Connect is more like puzzles. But no matter what type of mahjong you choose for the game, all of them preserve the main feature of the game of mahjong. They allow a person to concentrate and concentrate on solving the problem, sort out a pool of 144 dice (the canonical number of dice in the mahjong) and restore order in one’s own thoughts at the same time.

Usually mahjong bones, which are called "tiles", are marked with dots or dragons, Chinese characters or bamboo, as well as flowers and plants, but there are many modern mahjong games in which the image on the bones is limited only by the developer's imagination. Some people think that mahjong dice are like dominoes, and the rules of this game are reminiscent of poker. Of course, mahjong has something that is inherent in all three of these games: mahjong is also a game of chance.