Superhero Dentist

Superhero Dentist

About game «Superhero Dentist»

We present for the female half of our site visitors the game Superhero Dentist. The princess on the estate of Anna decided to organize a banquet in honor of the famous Christmas holiday. A large number of her friends were invited to it. In this game, your task is to help Anna prepare for the upcoming event and do everything as efficiently as possible. On your screen, you will see a girl sitting in her room near the mirror. A variety of cosmetics will be located in front of her. With the help of it, you will need to apply a make-up on her face, and then give her a dump hairstyle. After all the above listed cases, you will need to choose an outfit for a girl from all the clothing options provided to you. Based on it, you can already choose the right shoes and a variety of jewelry. Enjoy your time and good luck!

Watch how to play: