LA Shark

LA Shark

About the game LA Shark

Imagine a world where you don't play as the hero, but as the predator. LA Shark is a unique browser-based game that flips the script on traditional game narratives. Instead of playing as a human fighting creatures, you're a great white shark, the apex predator of the ocean. The beaches are littered with garbage, and it's time for humans to pay the price. Your mission? Reduce the human population by attacking anyone who dares to enter your ocean.

As the shark, you must pay attention to the red dots on your locator - they're your victims. Your goal is to turn and move towards them, attacking as soon as you're in range. Each level requires you to eliminate a certain number of people within a five-minute timeframe. But beware, if you don't complete your mission in time, the coast guard will be alerted and they won't hesitate to shoot!

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What are the benefits of playing LA Shark

Playing LA Shark offers a unique perspective that allows you to step into the fins of a great white shark. This game not only provides exciting gameplay, but also subtly highlights the issue of beach pollution. It's a fun and engaging way to pass the time, with each level offering a new challenge. And the time limit adds an extra layer of excitement, keeping you on the edge of your seat as you race against the clock. So why not dive in and experience the thrill of being the ocean's top predator in LA Shark?