Wall Fixing

Wall Fixing

About game «Wall Fixing»

The new Wall Fixing game will take us to the world of geometry, or rather to a three-dimensional world, where we should help in the adventures of a cube. Our main character can move along the track and smoothly pick up speed. Along the way, there will be many obstacles of varying complexity that will need to be overcome. Holes of a specific color can be seen in these interfering objects. You are required to take control with the help of certain keys. The cube must be placed in such a way that it is located opposite the hole. With the help of such a combination, our hero will be able to pass through the obstacle, and you will earn points for this. The further the plot of the game progresses, the more difficult and more obstacles you will encounter. However, in this case, you will get much more points, so go ahead for the adventures. Such a logic game will help all lovers of math problems to have fun and relaxed time.

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