Punch Superhero

Punch Superhero

About game «Punch Superhero»

A new three-dimensional adventure is already waiting for everyone who adores Iron Man and all other superheroes, in addition, today you will have to try on a Tony Stark costume, but this is most likely his most secret development, because no one has seen such a suit on him before. Perhaps we are the first who will have to dress him and go to save the world, as the creator of such costumes does, and of course we will be able to experience the Punch Superhero, how can we go without it. The suit is already on, the weapons and all systems have been checked and are in standby mode, you just have to decide on the goals and tasks. Both in the original suit and in the secret design, a navigator is built into the helmet monitor, it will show targets and targets, but the targets will mainly be highlighted in red, this is the enemy, and in green those that need to be saved, or just neutral people.

Watch how to play: