Horse Rider

Horse Rider

About game «Horse Rider»

Horse Rider offers to visit one of the provinces of North America, but this is not the most important thing, and even the fact that this trip will be temporary is not as exciting as understanding that the ultimate goal is the Wild West, the time of cowboys and bandits, the time when the ability to handle with a horse and a revolver determined the length of life. Traveling is possible only with the help of a secret time machine, but during its activation a failure occurred and together with your hero the zombies and other mutants were transferred to those times. Cowboys could cope with monsters, but they know too little about them and therefore you will have to fight mutants. During the battle, you can find bonuses, they will help your hero get rich and improve his chances of winning. To start the game, you need to clarify the final destination, that is, the place from where the dangerous monsters appeared.

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