Girls have always dreamed of being the most beautiful. This is very important to them, although boys can never understand it.

To be the most beautiful, you must also be the most fashionable. Fashion is inextricably linked with the beauty industry. That is why among all the games for girls, fashion games can be called the most popular genre.

Why do girls love fashion games?

Every girl secretly dreams of having a wardrobe with an infinite number of outfits. So that she could choose a new outfit every day, and so that all these outfits always remained in fashion.

That is why fashion games are the most beloved genre of girls.

All games in the fashion games category are dress up games. You play with a character who can be a celebrity or a hero of a famous cartoon, movie, series or book. In such games you have the opportunity to dress up the character as you wish, to choose harmonious outfits for the character.

And girls also like fashion games because each of them has the opportunity to act as a stylist of his idol. In what other game will you have the opportunity to make a hairstyle for Ariana Grande or become the director of costumes for the BTS themselves?

Not only people want to be fashionable

There are no barriers for fashion games: not only people want to be fashionable, but also fabulous creatures. That is why so many games in this category have fairies or mermaids, trolls, or other invented characters as their characters.

You can choose clothes for them, a strange and intricate outfit. You can also go with them to an expensive fashion boutique to completely update their wardrobe. You can also visit a beauty salon with your fabulous friend, make a hairstyle or renew a manicure.

For magical creations, you can come up with the same magical images, so fashion games can also be presented in the fantasy genre.

History of fashion games

The first fashion games appeared when one of the cavemen found a skin of a lighter color, put it on himself and showed his compatriot how such a skin looks more elegant on it than usual. From that moment, the very first fashion squeak in the universe sounded, and the entire tribe of cavemen went in search of a mammoth with a lighter skin in order to get a fashionable color.

Then the summer came, and everyone made their loincloths for themselves from improvised materials. But suddenly one of the cavemen decided that it was worth decorating his loincloth with a large flower. And at that moment the squeak of fashion sounded a second time, and the next stage of fashion games began.

A lot of time has passed since then, but the essence of fashion games still does not change - we all strive to become better, more beautiful than others. Even if it happens in a virtual world.

Fashion games train a sense of taste and beauty, so psychologists advise girls to pay more attention to such games than to other genres.