Ellie A Love Story

Ellie A Love Story

About the game - Ellie A Love Story

Ellie A Love Story is a charming browser-based online game about Ellie, a girl who is trying to win the heart of Ken. In this game, Ellie decides to participate in a fashion show to attract Ken's attention. However, she needs your help to prepare for the event. The game is not only about choosing the right outfit, but also about choosing the perfect makeup and hairstyle. Even though Ellie isn't a reality TV star and doesn't have a lot of options, you can still create a stunning look with the resources you have. The game is a chance to show off your sense of style, makeup and hairstyling skills. Enjoy the game as you help Ellie become the center of attention and win Ken's heart.

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  • Fashion Showdown: Ellie and Villain - A game where you help Ellie compete against a villain in a fashion showdown. You have to choose the perfect outfit, makeup and hairstyle for Ellie.

  • Ellie's Fashion Startup - In this game, Ellie starts her own fashion startup. Help her design stunning outfits and make her business a success.

  • Ellie's Style Statement - Ellie wants to make a style statement. Help her choose the right outfit, makeup and hairstyle to make her stand out.

What are the benefits of playing Ellie A Love Story

Playing Ellie A Love Story offers several benefits. It enhances your creativity as you mix and match different outfits, makeup and hairstyles. It also improves your decision-making skills as you choose the best look for Ellie. The game is not only about fashion, but also about strategy and planning. It teaches you the importance of presentation and how it can influence others' perceptions. Finally, Ellie A Love Story is a fun and entertaining game that will keep you engaged and give you a break from your daily routine.