Anime Fantasy Dress Up

Anime Fantasy Dress Up

About game «Anime Fantasy Dress Up»

Anime and fantasy have long become two inseparable genres that cannot exist without each other, and if you constantly follow the adventures of anime heroes, you probably know this. But how many times have you dreamed of creating your own anime-style superhero? Surely a lot! The fantasy can be limitless, and if you decide to make your fantasies come true, a new character constructor will be just the way. We have six amazing superheroes at our disposal, all of them are female, so a large set of things has been prepared for each of them, and each girl has her own unique items, since each of them is a separate hero with her own superpowers. But you can change everything and in front of you there will be not a sorceress or a dark sorceress, but a knight in armor, or maybe a dangerous vampire who decides to go over to the side of good and for this is fighting with creatures like himself. Of course, you could list what awaits you and how many items will be available for each character, but there are really so many of them that it seems to us that you simply cannot physically view everything.

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