Basket Monsterz

Basket Monsterz

About the game Basket Monsterz

Get ready to take the court with Basket Monsterz, a casual browser-based online game that combines the thrill of basketball with the fun of Halloween. The game features 32 unique monsters from around the world, each with their own unique physical abilities. From the Predator to the Tripod to the Amphibian and more, these not-so-cute but adorably drawn creatures are eager to challenge you to a game of hoops. As you progress through the levels, more characters will be unlocked, adding to the excitement and challenge. Can you stand up to this army of evil spirits and come out on top?

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What are the advantages of playing Basket Monsterz

Playing Basket Monsterz is not only fun, it also offers several benefits. It helps improve hand-eye coordination and strategic thinking as you navigate through the game. The variety of characters and their unique abilities add an element of surprise and challenge that keeps you engaged and entertained. Plus, the Halloween theme of Basket Monsterz adds a unique twist to the traditional basketball game, making it a great choice for those looking for something different. So why wait? Start playing Basket Monsterz today and enjoy a unique gaming experience.