Neon Rocket

Neon Rocket

About game «Neon Rocket»

Neon Rocket is a challenging and addictive 2D space shooter that will let you have a great time. Become the pilot of a combat spaceship and embark on an exciting journey across the galaxy. On your way, you will meet many enemies and dangerous obstacles. How far can you get by flying through asteroid belts and squadrons of enemy ships? Control your shuttle using the arrow keys or with the mouse. Dodge projectiles, asteroids, space debris and various debris flying at you. Use the full combat potential of your ship to break through the dense ranks of the enemy fleet. Manually fire at the enemy or switch to automatic fire mode. Also, your ship will be equipped with a missile salvo system and a protective barrier. These two abilities will have quite a long cooldown, so only use them when absolutely necessary. For the destruction of enemy asteroids and cruisers, you will receive points. Improve your piloting skills and achieve better results! Good game!

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