The speed games category contains games in which you will have a rare opportunity to feel the fullness of real speed. Many people dream of these moments. And you will have the opportunity to feel the speed in the virtual world.

What is speed?

Speed ​​is a physical quantity that measures how fast something moves in space. In addition to physics, the term "speed" is used by many different sciences. And there are many varieties of speed. Speed ​​of light and speed of sound, speed of gravity and space speed.

All these kinds of speed exist and are used by science. But in the category of speed games there are games in which you will get acquainted with the most common speed, which measures how quickly an object moves from point A to point B.

What types of speed are there?

Cosmic speed is a quantity that measures the speed with which celestial bodies move, how their acceleration is built. Distinguish between the first cosmic speed, which is needed to launch an artificial satellite into orbit, and the second cosmic speed, which helps to overcome gravity. There is also a third cosmic speed, which is necessary in order to overcome the gravity of the star and go beyond the star system (Solar system, for example). And in order to leave the galaxy, it is necessary to develop the fourth cosmic speed.

You've probably heard such a thing as the speed of sound. This is another kind of speed. This speed measures how fast elastic waves propagate in a medium, depending on the density of the medium. The speed of sound is constantly changing, it is influenced by many factors, even temperature.

The speed of light is also familiar to you. This value measures how fast the light beam travels. The speed of light indicates that a ray of light can travel from the surface of planet Earth to the surface of the Moon in just 1.255 seconds. There are many more types of speed.

What speed games do we have?

The most popular games in the speed games category are, of course, car racing. It is in this game genre that you will have the opportunity to try the speed in its highest limits, accelerate your car to the maximum on the track and leave all your rivals far behind. But you must remember that accident-free driving is encouraged in the game world too, so points are deducted from the player for accidents and road accidents.

Racing in speed games can be done not only on cars. You can try yourself as an airplane pilot, you can race at high speed on your motorcycle. And you can also take part in the world's very first space races. Just imagine how fast your spaceship can develop?

The speed games category contains games that will satisfy your need for speed. There are games for players of all ages here. Even for the smallest speed lovers, we will definitely have speed games that they will love. Such games have a very clear interface and nice design, and the gameplay is designed for people of different ages.