Pick Me Up Taxi

Pick Me Up Taxi

About game «Pick Me Up Taxi»

Pick Me Up Taxi will allow you to finally experience one of the most popular professions in the world. This is of course the profession of a taxi driver. You will get behind the wheel of a taxi and will take passengers to the right place. You will need to respond quickly to new challenges, because many passengers are in a hurry, and it is up to you whether they will get to the right place on time. For each passenger delivered on time, you will receive a specific amount of money. Try to earn as much as possible, otherwise what is the point of working then? It is very easy to play this game and you only have to press one button. The car goes by itself, but it goes quite slowly, so click the mouse button to add gas. When you need to stop to pick up or drop off a passenger, simply release the mouse button.

Watch how to play: