Zombie Typing

Zombie Typing

About game «Zombie Typing»

The city has been overtaken by zombies, and you're the only one who can stop them! Zombie Typing is a game in which you type words to kill zombies. If the monsters get too close to you, they will attack and kill you!

In Zombie Typing, zombies attack really quickly, and the only way to stay alive is to type the word. To put a word on your bullet that moves with a zombie, you must type letters as rapidly as possible. The monster will eat your energy if you don't write it down. You can't rest because you're being pursued by a swarm of zombies who want to murder you. Don't let the monsters get too near to you since they will swiftly drain your life force. Make sure the health level doesn't drop below a certain point, or the mission will fail and no one will be able to defend the city from the invaders. Zombie Typing boosts your response speed and, more crucially, your ability to type English words swiftly. The words are becoming more and more challenging with every wave. Only a good typer can save the city from the monsters. Instructions are simple. Before the zombie arrives at you, input the word given at its feet for each zombie. If you misspell a letter, the word will be erased and you will have to start again. When the zombie gets close enough to you, it attacks. You perish after four hits. The zombies get quicker in each succeeding round.

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