Kizi Kart

Kizi Kart

About game «Kizi Kart»

In the game Kizi Kart you can meet an alien called Kizi. Kizi arrived on the planet relatively recently, accidentally flying on his space rocket. The alien himself is quite kind and sweet, in addition, he traveled in search of brave warriors who could free his planet from terrible evil. The first assistant of Kizi, of course, will be you, but while his mechanical assistant is repairing the spaceship, he can rest or even go on a journey across our planet. Near the landing of the spacecraft, there was a small stadium, where go-kart races took place, which of course the newcomer was interested in. Let's go with Kizi to the stadium and compete in these little cars. If you are ready to participate in competition with Kizi, then go and get behind the wheel of the kart at the stadium! You will have several opponents and your task is to be the first to touch the finish line. Good luck!

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