Math VS Bat

Math VS Bat

About game «Math VS Bat»

Our tower is being overrun by bats! You're immersed in an atmosphere of battle with evil bats from the first seconds of the new fascinating skill game Math VS Bat. You have a cannon for this reason that hits unwelcome people every time. Solve the arithmetic problem and use your cannon to strike the bat. Addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication problems are all covered. You will be presented with different levels of difficulty from which to pick. Then you must take precise aim to hit the target. You can advance to the next level after all of the bats have been exterminated. Aim your cannon for the highest possible score in the game. Improve your dexterity and skill to hit the target by controlling a weapon. Fans of shooting games and action games will enjoy the game a lot!

Although math may not have been your favorite subject in school, this game is aimed to persuade you otherwise. To begin the game, select a game mode from the main menu's four selections. For addition, subtraction, and multiplication, you have a mode. The fourth category is mixed, which includes the equations for all three operations. The features include a lesson that is interactive and a theme that is suitable for kids of different ages. Choose from a variety of game styles, including a mixed-question version. Be careful as math tasks increase in a linear fashion and can be very tricky!

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