About Cannon Games

The term "Cannon Games" denotes a unique category within the vast realm of the gaming universe. Born and bred at the core of the human propensity for strategy and combat, cannon games have their origins in the invention of the "cannon" itself. Dating back to the Middle Ages, the cannon was first introduced as an artillery weapon, primarily known for its long barrel and long range. Interestingly, the term 'cannon' was a common moniker used to characterize all artillery guns during this era, such as the famous 'Tsar's Cannon', which is technically a short-barreled mortar.

The portrayal of cannons in the facets of entertainment, be it movies about pirates or wars between kingdoms, further boosted the popularity of cannons. With the rise of online gaming and advances in physics engines in the late 2000s, game developers found it fitting to incorporate cannons into their games, creating a whole new genre: cannon games.

What types of cannon games are there?

Cannon games cover a wide range, from classic siege and fortress destruction to the decimation of alien creatures and monster extermination. Given the variety of achievements and targets, as well as different calibers and forms of ammunition, this category of games offers a rich sense of combat aesthetics, tactical maneuvering, and an emphasis on marksmanship.

Competent game developers such as Miniclip and Armor Games have taken a variety of paths to showcase the many types of gun games, incorporating elements such as naval guns, anti-tank guns, coastal guns, and even anti-aircraft guns. The central element of these games, however, lies in their immersive graphical presentation and realistic physics of projectile motion, which makes them stand out from the crowd of other online shooting games.

What you can learn in Cannon Games

Cannon games, apart from their entertainment quotient, serve to sharpen one's strategic thinking and hand-eye coordination. The diverse range of obstacles that these games present, essentially helps an individual in honing their problem solving skills. Moreover, the games tend to require precise estimation of trajectory, offering the practical experience of basic principles of physics.

Best Online Cannon Games

In the galaxy of cannon games, few stars shine more brightly than others:

  • The Crush the Castle series: A popular example from Armor Games, encapsulates classic siege warfare with realistic physics.
  • 'Cannon Bods': A pirate-themed game that presents moving targets, reinforcing players' timing and precision skills.
  • 'Cannon Man': An innovative twist on the genre that challenges users to fire the Cannon Man as far as possible.
  • 'King's Game': A cannon game where rival kings fire artillery on a physics-based battlefield.
  • 'Ragdoll Cannon': Requires the use of indirect fire to hit targets, encouraging players to adapt to a variety of shooting styles.


In conclusion, cannon games are a productive part of online gaming, combining entertainment with an understanding of important physical principles. Through their wide range and scope, these games capture the essence of historical warfare and the thrill of precision shooting. So arm yourself, aim, and conquer the digital world of artillery!