About Snowboarding Games

Snowboarding games are a captivating genre of sports video games inspired by the exciting winter sport of snowboarding. These games aim to reflect the exhilarating experience of riding a snowboard down snow-covered slopes. The first game in this genre was released in the late 1980s. Since then, snowboarding games have enjoyed great popularity among video game enthusiasts of all ages, especially those who have a love for winter sports.

Snowboarding itself was invented in the middle of the 20th century when Sherman Poppen, an engineer, connected two skis together to create a toy for his children in 1965. This invention, called a "snurfer" (combining "snow" and "surf"), laid the foundation for modern snowboarding. It became an official winter sport in 1985 and has been part of the Winter Olympics since 1998.

As the sport of snowboarding has evolved, so have the graphics, gameplay mechanics and overall quality of snowboarding games. They have been able to vividly depict the technical aspects of the sport, such as maintaining balance, performing complex stunts, and racing against opponents down snowy slopes.

What types of snowboard games are there?

Snowboarding games come in several types, each offering a different gameplay experience. Some focus on racing down snowy slopes at breathtaking speeds, while others focus on performing spectacular tricks and stunts reminiscent of professional snowboarding competitions. Games like SSX Tricky and 1080° Snowboarding fall into these categories.

There are also snowboarding simulation games that aim to provide a realistic representation of the sport. These games often feature detailed graphics, advanced physics, and accurate depictions of snowboarding techniques and tricks. Examples of such games include "Mark McMorris Infinite Air" and "SNOW."

Finally, there are snowboarding games designed for casual gamers that incorporate elements of fun and humor along with the core snowboarding action. The Snoopy Snow Brawl and Yetisports: Snowboard Freeride" games are good examples of this.

What you can learn in snowboarding games

Snowboarding games provide an excellent opportunity for players to learn and understand the nuances of real life snowboarding without leaving the comfort of their homes. They can help players grasp the basic techniques of snowboarding, such as carving, jumping, grinding, and spinning. Most importantly, these games instill the importance of precision and timing in performing stunts and maintaining balance.

Best Online Snowboarding Games

  1. SSX Tricky: This arcade-style snowboarding game is known for its over-the-top tricks, high-speed racing, and unique character personalities.
  2. 1080° Snowboarding: A classic Nintendo game that combines high-speed downhill racing with trick competitions.
  3. Mark McMorris Infinite Air: This game offers a realistic depiction of snowboarding with its advanced physics, complex controls and expansive open-world maps.
  4. SNOW: A free-to-play snowboarding game with a focus on realism, featuring multiple game modes and a huge open-world map.
  5. Yetisports: Snowboard Freeride: A casual snowboarding game featuring a Yeti, known for its fun and simple gameplay controls.


Snowboarding games offer exciting, intense gaming experiences that mirror real-life snowboarding. Whether you're looking for high-speed racing, breathtaking tricks, or just a fun snowy adventure, snowboarding games have something for everyone.