Castle Defense 2D

Castle Defense 2D

About game «Castle Defense 2D»

We are accustomed to playing with toys, where the main task is to attack. But if there is an attacking side, then there is one that is forced to defend. In military affairs, there is nothing that deserves attention and all tactics must be carefully honed, bringing to automatism, so that in the event of a change in the situation, quickly castling, changing positions and behavior. An invading army has invaded the human kingdom from the dark lands. On their way is your castle and the enemy army wants to take it by storm. You in the game Castle Defense 2D will have to fight back. You will see how enemies move towards the walls of your castle. You will use your mouse to indicate targets for your archers. They will shoot arrows accurately, which will kill your enemies. Each enemy killed will bring you points. Having accumulated a certain amount of them, you can buy yourself new ammunition.

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