Extreme Bike Track

Extreme Bike Track

About game «Extreme Bike Track»

Choose your favorite motorcycle, including police motorcycle and even bike, and start the race! The map is specially designed for dangerous stunts and crazy stunts. The route itself is not so long, but very difficult, it is replete with a lot of obstacles that you must overcome with honor in the Extreme Bike Track game. The concrete blocks are your finish line, but you still need to get to them. You are surrounded only by an absorbing abyss, so it is better not to look around, as this really starts to spin your head. It would seem that the task of driving from start to finish is a trifle. But on such a track you will not accelerate much, because it threatens to fly into the darkness. And so that you do not have to be bored at all, with each level other traps appear that will not leave you indifferent. Transparent paths, crushing presses, tunnels and other obstacles do not bypass the free Extreme Bike Track flush. It will also be a plus to collect coins along the way to multiply your points. Enjoy the cool game and high quality graphics, can you overcome all the obstacles?

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