Scatty Maps: Asia

Scatty Maps: Asia

About the game Scatty Maps: Asia

Scatty Maps: Asia is a captivating educational game that combines entertainment and learning in a unique way. The game is designed with two engaging levels that test and improve your knowledge of Asian geography. It works on a puzzle-like principle where the player is tasked with correctly placing scattered maps of Asian countries using the mouse cursor. The game not only tests your geographical knowledge, but also your speed and accuracy. After completing the first level, you will receive a score based on your performance, including time taken and number of mistakes made. This then leads to the second level. Scatty Maps: Asia is an excellent supplement to your existing geographical knowledge. If you want to be the smartest in your class, this game is a must-play!

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What are the advantages of playing Scatty Maps: Asia

Scatty Maps: Asia is not just a game, but a fun learning tool. It enhances your knowledge of Asian geography, improves your cognitive skills and boosts your memory. The game also encourages quick thinking and decision making as you try to place the countries correctly in the shortest time possible. Scatty Maps: Asia is a perfect blend of education and entertainment, making learning geography an enjoyable experience.