Police Cars

Police Cars

About game «Police Cars»

In the game you got a flying police car. It rushes down the street, trying to stop the criminals who have burst into the city. They fly towards you, defending themselves with destructive shots or simply ramming police vehicles. The enemies are approaching very quickly, and you need to activate your weapon in time. This can be a standard shot with laser beams, a powerful "thunder" that instantly destroys the enemy, or special super-strong flows of energy, activated only after a certain level of combo indicator is set (it is given for the destruction of several enemies in a row, without successful attacks from their side). The Police Cars game puts gradually increasing enemy vehicles against you. If at first one well-aimed laser shot is enough to destroy someone else's apparatus, then very soon the enemy's flying cars will become stronger, and their flow will increase significantly - only manage to move along the width of the street under these conditions and use futuristic weapons at lightning speed.

Watch how to play: