What do you think about the conditions for a great online game? When asked what qualities a good online game should have, many people will name an exciting plot, a user-friendly interface, a thoughtful gameplay, and memorable characters. And only a few will say that a condition for a good game should be three-dimensional graphics. Because a good online game doesn't have to be 3D. That is why there are so many very popular and interesting 2d games.

What are 2d games?

Among the number of popular and cool online games, there are a lot of 2d games. 2D graphics are not a flaw, but a memorable feature that underlies the most interesting stories. The strengths of 2d games are an interesting and exciting plot, an exciting game process, as well as stories underlying the plot that arouse great interest.

They are based on computer graphics, which is built in two dimensions. Such graphics are called flat, they are made in two-dimensional geometry.
Images created in 2d games are a little more primitive than in 3d games. But there are a lot of games that belong to the 2d games category, but are much more popular than the representatives of the 3d games category.

What is a different 2d games and 3d games?

3D games, unlike 2d games, use three-dimensional geometry in their graphics. The world of such games has a three-dimensional structure. By using textures and materials that cover the surfaces of 3D shapes, a more holistic view of the game world is obtained.

Another hallmark of a 3D game is perspective. This allows objects to be magnified as the camera gets closer to the object.

There is an intermediate link between 2d games and 3d games: 2.5d games. In such games, the characters themselves and their environment are made in 3D graphics, but the gameplay itself takes place in 2D graphics. This assumes that the camera is only moving in two directions, just as the player's movement is limited to only two directions.

What are the genres of 2d games?

In the 2d games category, you can find a variety of genres and trends. The most favorite 2d games are logic games and puzzles, in which the type of graphics does not really matter. In such games, you need to solve problems and puzzles, train the ability to think logically, analyze and draw conclusions. Therefore, in such games, players do not pay attention to the graphics, and 2d graphics even become a distinctive feature or style elements.

There are also a lot of shooters among 2d games, because there is a huge number of users who love exactly two-dimensional shooters. If for role-playing games where the character wanders around the game world and finds some secrets and surprises, because this world is voluminous and multifaceted, then in 2d games the player does not need to be distracted by extraneous interference and details. The situation is the same in 2d games in the racing genre. There are a lot of players who don't like 3d racing, because the 3D game world is very distracting. In 2d games, there are more opportunities for such players to achieve maximum results, because in front of them there is only a two-dimensional car and a track, from which there is no need to be distracted.