The command games category presents games in which the player will have to take command of a company or an entire army. This is a very important and responsible duty, which is why command games are among the most difficult online games.

What is a Commander in command games?

The person who is responsible for everything. The main character of online command games is a commander who bears maximum responsibility not only for the outcome of the battle, but also for the lives of soldiers. War is very dangerous, therefore, there are always human casualties during military operations. But it is the commander who is responsible for each soldier and is obliged to do everything to avoid his death. A commander who knows his job well and is a good tactician and strategist is able to keep the army entrusted to him intact and safe and win more than one battle.

What are the responsibilities of a commander in command games?

The commander must ensure the successful fulfillment of the combat mission that the high command placed before him and his army.

The commander educates and trains his soldiers, makes sure that military discipline is observed in the troops, so that the soldiers have a line bearing and excellent appearance.

The commander must teach his soldiers to use weapons, military equipment, equipment and uniforms that the soldiers received.

The main duty of the commander is to command the soldiers entrusted to him so that they carry out combat missions as successfully as possible and with the least losses.

The commander is obliged to know each of his soldiers by name, to know information about their birth and family, because it is the commander who informs the soldier about his death. Therefore, the commander must know where and in what condition each of his soldiers on the battlefield.

Also, the commander is the person who knows the area in which a combat operation is being conducted best of all. The commander owns all the subtleties of the weapons that soldiers use. The commander develops combat tactics and knows the subtleties of the strategy of military operations.

What are the benefits of command games?

If you like command games, then you have well-developed leadership skills and are not afraid to take responsibility for a group of people. Such command games are very useful for those people who want to learn to think analytically, tactically, develop and plan certain events.

With the help of command games, the user has the opportunity to learn the subtleties of fighting, planning military actions. Such command games give the player the opportunity to get acquainted with different types of weapons, learn how to use a certain type of weapon correctly and for what purpose.

Since the plot of command games can unfold in a variety of locations and historical periods, the user has the opportunity to get a historical excursion into a certain period of human history and learn a lot of interesting information. In each historical period, humanity has used different types of weapons, so command games are an opportunity for everyone to study the history of weapons and the history of military affairs.