Fishing Guru

Fishing Guru

About game «Fishing Guru»

You are surrounded by a lake in a boat. The water seems eerily quiet. Suddenly, a school of enraged fish approaches you at breakneck speed. Fill in the blanks with words to capture the fish before they reach your boat. The game has a beginner's guide to get you started straight away. You are able to play for as long as you manage to type the words because the waves are infinite. Do you know that not only boys are fond of fishing, but also many girls? And if you have such a desire, that is, go fishing, then now is the time, especially since you will not go to ordinary fishing, but typing fishing. Whether you enjoy fishing in a real life or not, a relaxing theme is ideal for virtual fishing.The goal of the game is to capture the fish before it gets too close to the boat. Allow them no access to the boat! This is the moment for you to take the initiative. Be the expert fisherman that you are. Enter the phrases that relate to the fish to capture it. The words are generally short but with every wave, the fish become angrier and more eager to attack. Before you run out of life, try for a high score! You have only 5 of them, so only an expert typer can score high! Don't let the fish scare you and master your typing skills with Fishing Guru.

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