Vikings vs Skeletons

Vikings vs Skeletons
Vikings vs Skeletons

Developer Company: JM Neto Game Dev
Published: August 2, 2021
Game Technology: HTML5, Construct 2
Compatible Devices: Desktop, Mobile, Tablet
Playable On: Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, iOS

About Vikings vs Skeletons

Step into the shoes of a fearless Viking warrior in the game Vikings vs Skeletons. This browser-based online game takes you to the heart of the Viking lands, where an undead army of skeleton warriors has launched an attack. Raised in harsh conditions and trained for a tough military life, the Vikings are no strangers to battle. But recent events have taken them by surprise. One warrior in particular stands out among them. With a single blow, he can bring down a bone monster. In Vikings vs Skeletons, you will help this warrior in his mission to destroy all the undead. This game, available on our website, promises an exciting and engaging experience.

Playing Vikings vs Skeletons offers several advantages. First of all, it offers an engaging and immersive gaming experience. The game's unique setting and storyline keep players engaged. Second, the game helps improve strategic thinking and decision-making skills, as players must carefully plan their moves to defeat the undead army. Finally, Vikings vs Skeletons is a browser-based game, meaning it can be played anytime, anywhere, with no downloads or installations required. So why wait? Immerse yourself in the world of Vikings vs Skeletons today!

How to Play Vikings vs Skeletons?

  • Desktop: A - Move Left
  • Desktop: D - Move Right
  • Desktop: W - Jump
  • Desktop: K - Attack
  • Mobile: Touch Screen Buttons

Video Gameplay - Vikings vs Skeletons