Not One

Not One
Not One

Developer Company: Zibotronic
Published: April 9, 2020
Game Technology: HTML5, Construct 2
Compatible Devices: Desktop, Mobile, Tablet
Playable On: Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android

About Not One

Not One is a thrilling browser-based game where you stand as humanity's last hope against an alien invasion. Armed with precision-guided missiles, your mission is to time your shots perfectly to thwart the extraterrestrial threat. The fate of Earth rests on your shoulders, and your strategic prowess will determine the outcome of this epic battle.

Set on the red planet Mars, Not One immerses you in a high-stakes scenario where Earth's mining operations have drawn the attention of hostile alien forces. A pre-installed rocket launcher becomes your primary defense tool as you fend off waves of alien attackers. As the commander, your goal is to protect both the inhabitants and critical infrastructure by launching well-aimed missiles. Each successful hit not only decimates the enemy fleet but also racks up points, bringing you closer to victory in this cosmic showdown. The game is intuitive, allowing control via mouse or touch screen, making it accessible and engaging for all players. Dive into the action, enjoy the challenge, and may the odds be in your favor!

Not One masterfully combines elements of strategy and action, demanding both quick reflexes and thoughtful planning. Its captivating space theme and gripping narrative draw players into an interstellar conflict, making it a standout in the action game genre. The straightforward controls ensure that gamers of all skill levels can jump right in and start playing. As a browser-based game, Not One offers the convenience of being playable anytime and anywhere, providing endless hours of entertainment for those ready to defend against the alien onslaught.

How to Play Not One?

  • Touch the screen to shoot.

Video Gameplay - Not One