Moto Fury

Moto Fury

About game «Moto Fury»

Love to drive motorcycles, because how do you get an indescribable thrill from it?! Moto Fury is the best game for fans of two-wheeled steel horses. Here you can drive at high speeds, outrunning the cars as close as possible to them and earning good points and cash due to this. Here you can rush in the opposite direction, and this adds even more bonuses and money. So you have a unique chance to drive and relax in this game! The main goal of the game is to drive as fast and as long as possible without stopping or getting into an accident. Cars that travel in the same direction as the motorcycle must be overtaken at an extremely small distance from them. For this, the game provides a lot of points and cash! You can choose 3 out of motorcycles, and only the first is available for free, and the second two need to be bought.

Watch how to play: