Monster Heart Surgery

Monster Heart Surgery

About the game Monster Heart Surgery

Monster Heart Surgery is a unique online game that takes you into the world of Monster High girls. Contrary to popular belief, these characters are not immune to disease and require regular medical attention. Take the case of Laura, a vibrant and lovely character who, after a routine checkup, was found to have heart problems. The doctor recommended surgery, but instead of going to the hospital, Laura decided to have the procedure done at home. Her best friend, Frankie Stein, was more than willing to assist. They planned everything meticulously, even obtaining a fresh, healthy heart from an implantation clinic. Now they are ready for the procedure. Monster Heart Surgery is a game for those who aspire to be doctors and want to help their favorite heroines.

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What are the benefits of playing Monster Heart Surgery

Playing Monster Heart Surgery not only provides entertainment, but also offers educational benefits. It gives players an insight into the medical field, specifically heart surgery. It promotes strategic planning and decision-making skills, as players must plan the surgery and make critical decisions during the procedure. It also promotes empathy and caring as players help their favorite characters recover from their ailments. Finally, Monster Heart Surgery is a browser-based game, making it easily accessible for everyone to enjoy.