Jumping Horses Champions

Jumping Horses Champions

About game «Jumping Horses Champions»

Many of us are very fond of animals, but, unfortunately, not everyone can afford to have, for example, a kitten or a dog and there are many reasons for that, and if we can still have the first or second animal, then having a horse is very difficult. This requires not only a place where your four hoofed friend will live, but a lot of financial and labor costs. However, do not worry, now we will go on excursions to the virtual stud farm, where we can meet these cute animals and even take part in the Jumping Horses Champions! There is not so much time left before the competition as it seems, so let's try to choose a horse, and each of the stallions has its own unique abilities, someone is more enduring, someone is more powerful, and someone is the fastest, but you should start racing. It will be possible only on the first horse, and you can get to the rest only after receiving the appropriate experience.

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