Rocket Stunt Car

Rocket Stunt Car

About game «Rocket Stunt Car»

Get ready, because in Rocket Stunt Car you and I will go on a very long but extremely exciting journey. Of course, you already guessed from the name of the game what exactly we will do. In this game you will face several tasks and goals that you must achieve. You can also choose one of several modes offered at the beginning of the game. You can choose to drive in the desert, in the city, or on the highway. Each map is special, and if you are the only driver in the desert, where there are no rules, no roads, no markings, then in the city you will be placed in a strict and clear framework, you will have to follow the rules and traffic will be quite limited, because there will be a lot of cars on the road. But there are many more opportunities to perform tricks in a big city than in a simple desert. Try playing all the maps and decide where you like best!

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