Pirate Travel Coloring

Pirate Travel Coloring

About game «Pirate Travel Coloring»

Do you like to watch movies and cartoons about pirates, have you ever thought that you would like to create your own image of a pirate, change the color of his T-shirt or repaint his hair? Of course you thought so! And even if not, imagine how cool this opportunity is! In the game Pirate Travel Coloring you can draw a sketch depicting a pirate. There are many such drawings in the game, choose the one you like best and work with it. And as soon as you finish, you can immediately move on to the next! When you select a drawing, you will see pencils and felt-tip pens of different colors. Choose one color and paint the part of the picture you want. Here you will use only your own imagination, and the end result can rightly be called your own work of art. Just imagine how cool it is! And yet, why imagine if you can try right now?

Watch how to play: